Wawer Music Festival -2009-14



Wawer Music Festival –


Idea of Wawer Music Festival, a ten-month festival of classical music on the right bank of Warsaw, emerged in the summer of 2009 and is consequently realized by Podkarpacka Foundation for the Development of Culture. According to a creator and artistic guide - prof. Jarosław Drzewiecki, an idea of "different views" on classical music, which seems to be funny and humorous, although it's always on the highest execituve level, turned out to be an attractive proposal on Sunday evenings for the Warsaw demanding audience. Organizers offer spending time in surroundings of great music from various periods, created by a genius of human mind, enriched by offer of sophisticated menu from Raspberry Restaurant in the Conference and Training Centre of Hotel BOSS, and everything supplemented by relax in Spa, swimming pool, sauna, tennis court or in the salon of beauty. This is one of the few places in Poland, offering the fullness sensations for the body, mind and palate. The project initially was local,quickly gained notoriety, reputation and acceptance of the Warsaw audience.  It obtained the support of the City of Warsaw and in person prof. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz - "Wawerczyk 2009", and the patronage was held by The Marshal of Mazovian Voivodeship as well as by Janusz Barciński from the Association "Initiative for Wawer". In 50 concerts of Wawer Music Festival for ca. 15 000 inhabitants of Warsaw has performed 260 artists from USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia and Poland.

1st Edition
At the first concert "The young Lions Piano" there were presented the five laureates of  "Golden Parnases"- the main awards at the International Piano Forum „Bieszczady without boundaries” in Sanok. A particularly deserves special attention a mature and virtuosic performance of Rondo in C minor, Op. 1 by Chopin and Liszt the Paraphrases on themes from the opera "Rigoletto" by G.Verdi that was performed by the Latvian pianist Jekaterina Sarajewa, an insightful interpretation of the Etudes, Op. 33 by Rachmaninov performed by Lviv artist, the student of the 2nd year at Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz -  Oleksandr Yankevich, as well as a brilliant presentation of Liszt Transcendental Etudes performed by Rafał Kowalczyk. Hearts of the audience conquered the 12-year-old virtuoso - Nguyen Viet Trung, the graduate of prof. Irina Rumyantsev, who brilliantly played the Variations on a Theme of Paganini Berkovich. In such an early age it is difficult to predict, but it seems that the young Vietnamese has all the features that predispose him to future stage career . „The Young Lions” played on a specially brought down the instrument by Wendl & Lung, the company with more than a century-old tradition, named after their Austrian founders, and for several years it's acting in partnership with the most modern factory in Ningbo, China. The instrument with a length of 178 cm sounded warm and natural. Not without reason it received the first prize at the fair in Paris – Diapason D’or (EN: Gold Tuning). Technical side turned out to be flawless, allowing young artists to carry out all the implementing nuances. An aligned sound throughout diapason and an excellent regulation of mechanism gave the apparent satisfaction to performers.
However, in the filled to the brim, acoustically difficult conference hall at the palace of Businessman Institute by Trakt Lubelski 40a St., the piano model 178 Professional, should have been converted into larger, which sounds like a concert instrument in all conditions.
The choice fell on model of Grand 218 Concert I, whose constructor is a prominent French specialist Stephen Paulello, the resonant bottom was made by the German company Strunz and the felts - a very important element for the ultimate sound of the instrument - were realized by Wurzen factory in Germany.
We were able to check possibilities of the instrument when Stanisław Drzewiecki was accompanying the singer Eugenia Rezler in the songs by Chopin, Schubert, and Rachmaninov and did not leave piano wings, and yet, he subtly performed the soprano part in the concert „The most beautiful songs and arias” conducted by red. Adam Rozlach.
The concert in November, it is primarily a meeting with the vocal art of Tomasz Rak and Beata Wardak. The host of the evening was - still acting as a magnet for crowds of admirers- red. Bogusław Kaczyński. This time on the walls of the foyer were hung the beautiful works of oil paintings - portraits, perhaps of the greatest in Poland connoisseur of feminine beauty -Ryszard Kalamarz from Rybnik. One of them measuring 3.0 x 2.0 represented the owner of the Palace in Niezdowo – Danuta Fojcik, who lent her property, while also bearing witness to the great talent of the artist. Previously, the Warsaw audience was admiring and  buying works of an excellent Polish landscape painter – Andrzej Skarżyński as well as ypung graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts recommended by prof. Stanisław Wieczorek under the title of „for pennies today, tomorrow for millions”
At the concert  in December there were presented folk artists from Bieszczady. They achieved artistic and financial success. Ewelina Wyderka, the creator of jewelry called "krywulki" said after the concert, that from one-day income she may work quietly for a few months. Moreover, the concert turned out to be extremely impressive -  buses arrived with the orchestra„Con Amore”, the choir „Adoramus” as well as the jazz band „Są gorsi” (EN: Are worse) under the autkor's batom of  Janusz Ostrowski presenting the corals in a classical and jazz version. Subcarpathian press reported daily on the front pages about the upcoming " landing" of the Bieszczady artists,and anyone, who had a family in Warsaw was obliged to its invitation. Such an atmosphere that is created by 'wolves from the Bieszczady Mts" can be compared to nothing.

The concert in January „The Russian romances” conducted Janusz Grzelązka, the pianist-pedagogue who is currently working in Finland, in order to with the support of his son – Ignacy, playing violin in New York as well as his Russian spouse – Nina Czerkies, the laureate of the main award for the best actress in the  10th PR and TVP Festival „TWO THEATRES-Sopot 2010”, create an original show dedicated to the history of a form of "romance". In the second part performed Michał Bajor. His extraordinary skill of using voice: articulation, dynamics and timbre, empower us to place it among the "different views" on classical music.
In February, the whole world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of the musical genius – Fryderyk Chopin. Although the composer probably never was on the right bank of Warsaw - this proved "investigation" conducted by the organizers with the support of NIFC – then his masterpiece was honored by calibrating interpretations performed by the laureate of the 10th Chopin Competition in Warsaw – by Tatiana Shebanova and Stanisław Drzewiecki. In the program also sounded a series of "Tatra Album" op. 12 for 4-hands of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, where artists dressed in highlanders costumes celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Great Pole. The concert of greatest pianists was a true test of versatility of Austro-German-Chinese piano Grand 218 Concert I. The instrument turned out to be very attractive in sound; its volume filled with a concert hall of deep and rich in aliquots sound. Very tenderly reacted a well-adjusted pedaling mechanism allowing for artistic use of the half-pedal technique. The subtle instrument allows to game  of full of tembre nuances that made a great surprise to all performers. At the end of a lovely evening the Drzewiecki's family said goodbye to the audience by performing Waltz in A minor by Rachmaninov for 6-hands.
In March, the male vocal band Affabre Concinui proposed to listeners „Three hundred years of the history of music” in 90 minutes. Among the audience, next to well-known personalities from the TV screen distinguished itself a group of mayors of Warsaw districts invited by the Mayor of Wawer district - Jacek Duchnowski for the common spiritual feast on a global level - the recital a’capella Affabre Concinui.
A great surprise for the constant Wawer audience was an evening concert in April „Asia in homage to Chopin” with the participation of the Ambassador of Vietnam Nguyen Hoanga, the diplomatic corpus and The Ministry of External Affairs. The celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and SRW was just an excuse to show the cultural heritage of contemporary Vietnam.We could come to to interesting conclusions by listening to the Chopin interpretations of artists from Japan, South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam in conjunction with their national and folk songs. Longing for distant homeland and grief for loved ones knows no boundaries, race or skin color - it is the same everywhere.
The concert in May „Bolero for 2 pianos and snare drum” promised to be a very attractive and ended up with the great "jam session" with the active participation of the audience playing in a common 100-persons percussive orchestra . Soloists of the evening was an excellent pianist, pupil who was present in the room of prof. Tatiana Shebanova: dr Anna Stempin and dr Małgorzata Furche. A drummer, prof. Grzegorz Jurczyk, astonished the listeners with his technical capabilities in the pieces of Khachaturian, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ravel and Kabalevsky and with creativity in creating instrumentarium. For a genuine drummer any item is a potential instrument for use. The concert began classically: Bach Chorale Preludes, Rondo in C major, Op. 73 by Chopin, Debussy's Petite Suite and the Warsaw premiere of "Stocheia" by Aleksandra Brejza. After the break, there was already reigning a virtuosity, temperament and well-known classical pieces arranged for two pianos and for a set of percussion instruments . A well-tuned pianos Wendl & Lung sounded like a great orchestra.
A last look at classical music was the presentation of its salon version, practiced for centuries. An amateurish playing music among friends and family has been for ages a way of spending time with integrating and educational elements. A ten-member family of Irena and Maxymilian Bylicki presented a colorful musical-theater spectacle realizing how many damage TV causes to all by distracting society from the creative activity. The concert "Musical family of businesspeople" bonds the logical buckle the first edition of Wawer Music Festival.
For a special attention to accompanying concerts deserves the extremely interesting exhibition of icons (January), of winning posters from the competition AMS "Frederick, return to Warsaw (February), of the unique gobelins made of sisal by Agnieszka Nurkowska from Opole (March), Asian handicrafts (April),full of symbolism and expression of creativity by Hanna Karasińska-Eberhardt (May) or the sketches of the greatest living Russian watercolorist – Aleksiej Neiman (June).
The Patronage Council of Podkarpacka Foundation for the Development of Culture, presided over reż. Agnieszka Holland, granted the Gold Cufflinks of 5th anniversary for the personal contribution to the success of the first edition of Wawer Music Festival with the number to the following personas:
n.1-Tomasz Zadroga- the Chairman of PGE SA company
n.2-Janusz Barciński- the Chairman of „Inicjatywa dla Wawra" (EN: Initiative for Wawer district)
n.3- Szymon Jasnowski – the Chairman of „Fortepiano” firm

Ahead of us preparations for the third edition. Will it take place in the same interiors or the festival will be reborn in another place? The organizers strongly reject the proposals for moving to the center of Warsaw. As prof. Jarosław Drzewiecki said: „The festival was created with the needs for the inhabitants of Warsaw's right bank, and not for the convenience of the organizers or clerks". Our audience has the same needs and rights to use the cultural goods as the rest of the Capital, and we feel sometimes like people in the excluded zone”.

3rd Edition
In the 3rd edition of Wawer Music Festival, that started on September 18, 2011, performed such the prominent artists as: Wiesław Ochman, Vadim Brodski, Wojciech Mrozek, Andrzej Jasiński, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Urszula Bartkiewicz. The grand event was the musical comedy "Siostrunie" (EN: Sisters) and as always, full of humor and wit performances of the MoCart's Group and Waldemar Malicki. Each concert was accompanied by the exhibition combined with the sale of contemporary painters' works , presentation of posters, tapestries, handicrafts of artistic and folk craftmanship. The fans of Georgia were tasing regularly the wines of Kindzamarauli, and cookies served by Jarosław MERYK captivated the Wawer audience.

Ahead of us preparations for the 4th edition. Will it take place in the same interiors or the festival will be reborn in another place? The organizers strongly reject the proposals for moving to the center of Warsaw. As prof. Jarosław Drzewiecki said: „The festival was created with the needs for the inhabitants of Warsaw's right bank, and not for the convenience of the organizers or clerks". Our audience has the same needs and rights to use the cultural goods as the rest of the Capital, and we feel sometimes like people in the excluded zone”.

Thanks to the favorable kindness of Mrs. President Bożenna Wygonowska, Wawer Music Festival found a safe shelter in hospitable walls of The Conference and Training Centre of Hotel BOSS in Miedzeszyn by Żwanowiecka 20 St.

Among scheduled concerts there are the great artists and atypical guests: the President of Lithuania  Vytgautas Landsbergis, the pianist Grzegorz Turnau, the folk music band "Madragona" and Wawer surprises, the Piano Lions, the concert in memory to Chopin and Shebanova, a presentation of the winner of the Ukrainian edition of "Got Talent", a performance of the XXI century violinist, and the evening "At the beautiful, deep blue Vistula".

Thanks to the festival formed the Wawer elite, which by uniting  at concerts is the strength of the intellectual and cultural south-eastern part of the City.